The same innovative design that made Smurks fun for messaging friends and constructive for children with Autism can now be used to quantify people's feelings. That means Smurks is set to revolutionize market research and product rating by letting people show how they really feel about... well, about anything!

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"This fun and innovative app is going to change the way the world reviews anything, and change the way market research is collected and shared."

Matt Marshall, Executive Producer,

The Smurks®app lets you send messages to friends or tag the places you love (or don't) with exactly what you feel.

Give us just one minute and we'll show you how.

Smurks Demo

Our team recently previewed the latest version of Smurks mood data system at DEMO Spring 2012. Watch our presentation and picture the possibilities  [click to view]

Download the Smurks app from the App Store (it’s free) and join us in putting the heart in the machine. Also, look for our embeddable Smurks widget for the web and other apps, coming soon!

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